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The Art of Inquiry

The simple practice of asking the right questions often lies at the heart of our healing, growth and in nurturing our relationships. A meaningful, thought provoking question can inspire awakening and connect us directly to the source of wisdom inside of us. Steeping patiently in a question that is at the core of our confusion or pain can be worth a thousand words of advice.

Below is a list of powerful questions. If you wish, read through the list, and find ONE at a time that you are drawn to, the one that your body responds to. Commit to keeping it with you for at least several days as a touchstone. Breathe in the question, dropping it deep inside, without conscious pressure to find a quick answer. When you ask a meaningful question, your whole being will automatically search for answers. You can journal, collage, draw, ponder, walk with it, apply it to stressful situations...See what happens!

What do I need?

What is the most loving thing I can do in this moment?

What is my heart saying?

What is the next step?

What am I feeling?

What needs attention?

What am I in the middle of?

Where is my strength?

What is my true intention?

What would be perfect?

What do I value?

What is my body trying to tell me?

What needs to change?

What if I were more powerful?

What can I receive more fully?

What do I want to create?

Who can help?

What if I wasn't afraid?

What is the easier way?

*Some of these questions came from Inquiry Cards, a wonderful resource that can be found at

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