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Reiki Services


Traditional Usui Reiki

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is spiritually guided life force energy. It is used to naturally balance a person's energy by resting the hands gently on or just above the body, while the energy flows through the practitioner. Reiki produces a relaxing experience that can reduce stress and puts the individual in an ideal state for deep healing. The Reiki practitioner does not direct the energy to specific problems, simply allows the energy to work through them to affect the greatest and highest good of the individual receiving treatment. Healing can be affected on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels. If you are looking for stress reduction and a super-relaxing experience, a traditional Reiki session is a great choice.

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki uses a combination of high vibration Reiki energy and the more stable energies of the earth and nature to balance a person's energies and affect healing. The practitioner can conduct healing journeys for the client or, for a more empowering healing, the client can choose to journey for themselves. Natural elements such as stones/crystals, plants, fire and water are utilized in sessions, along with the channeling of Reiki energy. In these sessions, I connect to my intuition and the higher spiritual energies and allow them to guide the healing process for the client. Every session with every client will look different, according to what is needed for healing.


 If you are looking for deep healing and are comfortable with the idea of using journeys and natural elements in conjunction with Reiki, you may want to consider a Shamanic Reiki Session.


Initial Shamanic Reiki sessions often lasts an hour and a half to allow for processing before and after the work.

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                                                          Albert Einstein

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