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Words to Live By

Words are powerful. Just notice how the words on this piece of art by Reverend Bemjamin Perkins dance inside you.

Sometimes words can be true medicine. Often when I work with people, we'll try to uncover their medicine phrases--the ones that can shift the story line and give perspective, solace or courage. They can be "applied" when the going gets tough, when facing a difficult decision, or when trying to break a habit. They can help you rise to the occasion. They can help re-wire bad habits of mind.

When you are in struggle, why not take time to go inside, breathe, and ask what you need? Close your eyes, follow your breath into your body and just ask. Words will come...or they will find you.

You'll find your own way into this practice according to your own temperment and belief system. You may resonate with a prayer or a mantra, a poem, or a question. But whatever it is, it should make you feel an opening shift inside when you hear it.

Writing the phrase in your journal, creating a collage or Artist Trading Card, or writing it on a post-it note is helpful to keep your new friend in your awareness. What you put your attention on, grows.

Try it and see.

"What is needed right now?"

"This feeling is difficult but I can survive it."

"Is this really true?"

"So what?"

"Is this a path with heart?"

"Breathing in...Breathing out"

"Others have gone through this, I am in solidarity with them now."

"Make me an instrument of thy peace."

"I bless and release you."

"I've been through hard times before and I'll get through this too."

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