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This is Not a Problem!

I recently heard a wonderful talk by Tara Brach about the importance of the attitude we hold towards the bumped and bruised places in our lives. She suggests that when there is a challenge in your life, you can consciously make the decision that "This is not a problem." What would if be like to regard your struggles with this more relaxed, accepting, spacious attention? I've tried it, and it is a true relief.

This is not a problem...Yes, this situation is still tough, yes this needs to be attended to, but this is not a problem. With this attitude, you are not locking in to the extra layer of suffering of-- what's happening is bad and shouldn't be happening!

When thinking of your challenge, you can just exhale and say, "This too..." This too is part of life. It's just a part of life.

This is not a delusional practice. We all have true hardships in our lives. But it is the nature of life for them to be there, it is not an personal insult to you. By approaching these struggles with this attitude, we can respond intelligently, and even learn and deepen from them.

Take a moment to sit with a sore spot in your life and don't run away. Just gently sit with it and breathe, and sigh out, "This too..." Then after a few breaths: "This is not a problem." Just a little more space, yes?

Who would I be if I could imagine nothing as a problem, just life happening?

A Cushion For Your Head

Just sit there right now Don't do a thing Just rest.

For you separation from God, From love,

Is the hardest work In this World.

Let me bring you trays of food And something That you like to Drink.

You can use my soft words As a cushion For your Head.

-Hafiz, from the Gift, Daniel Ladinsky

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