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Creativity Takes Time

"Go within every day and find the inner strength so the world will not blow your candle out.”

Our culture strongly (and wrongly) encourages us to fill our rare free time with passive entertainment or consumer activities which can be ultimately unsatisfying or even addictive. It really goes against the grain to take time to write, paint, dance, sew, or even to have a relaxed artful conversation with someone.

Soulful, slow, creative activities are not always valued or treasured by us or the people around us. It actually requires a good bit of courage to carve out time to nourish our inner life, to reach into the creative source.

It seems it takes conviction to trust that that your inner life is even worth anything at all.

It is.

It is gold; it is your source of guidance, intuition, and healing.

I encourage the people I work with to take at least ten minutes a day, to express themselves somehow--whether it be journaling, drawing, collaging, a quick dance, or painting. Those who do, quickly find themselves on the short path to personal growth and meaning. Creative expression is the ultimate Vitamin C!

Take two of those ten minutes to enjoy this wonderful video on the effect of time on creativity…It will inspire you!

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