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Joanna Groebel, MA, R-DMT,LPC



I am a licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist, with a Masters Degree in Creative Arts in Therapy from Drexel University and engage in my own deep creative practice. I am formally trained in trauma treatment, EMDR and Brainspotting with pioneers in the field and am formally certified in both modalities.
My over 20 years of experience in the mental health field include more than a decade of therapeutic work with adolescents and adults in both at the inpatient and partial level of care at Tower Health, and seven years in private practice.

The work of healing is my passion and my purpose. I have pursued this work my entire adult life, exploring, practicing, and apprenticing with the some of the finest teachers in the world. I bring these skills to you in your journey towards living the life you've been given to its highest potential.

It would be an honor to work with YOU as you travel on your path of growth and  healing. I welcome you to take the next step!

"Joanna is a 'deep' healer...Very rare among therapists, she knows how to reach the body and 'gut' level where our self-destructive pain resides. Through powerful techniques of movement, art, loving presence, insight, and support, I found myself discovering with awe my own power to recover."    -J.D.

"It takes two to speak the truth:  one to speak and another to hear."


Henry David Thoreau

I owe a debt of gratitude to the many pioneers with whom I have studied intensively and done my own deep healing work. Thanks go to my professors at Drexel, and Daphne Lowell, Alton Wasson, Linda Curran, Mariah Fenton-Gladis, Daniel Leven, Gabrielle Roth, Aviva Gold, Michele Cassou, Laurel Parnell, Deany Laliotis, Llyn Cedar Roberts, Christine Ranck, David Grand, and Kathlyn Hendricks.

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