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"Art is the mirrror, perhaps the only one, in which we can see our true collective face. We must honor its sacred function. We must let art help us."                

Alice Walker

Words alone cannot always take you to breakthrough places.  During creative processes in therapy, you begin to recognize the limitations of your present way of thinking and behaving.  More importantly, fresh insights into approaching your difficulties often emerge spontaneously.


In Creative Arts Therapy, you are guided in exploring and expressing yourself authentically through a variety of art materials. Art journaling, clay work, mandala making, painting, collage work, drawing are all choices available to you at the studio and as homework in between sessions.


It is very powerful to create a tangible art piece that expresses your feelings, experiences, and meanings. You can actually hold your progress in your hands!




I am also a Certified SoulCollage® facilitator. SoulCollage® is a creative, enjoyable and easy process for personal growth that is accessible to everyone, even those who believe that they have no artistic ability.  Led by your own intuitive powers, these visually rich and powerful cards are filled with images that “speak to you” and give clarity and voice to different aspects of yourself.


Once you create your card,  the  SoulCollage® process invites gentle opportunities for “soul-tending.” Through our conversations, guided meditation, and journaling, their deep wisdom becomes clear to you.








"Joanna's work has a way of unleashing territory I need to explore. Exploring parts of myself that were intimidating to face and confront opened a threshold of awareness that provided me the ability to live more fluidly."  -- C.


"So many therapists work only with the 'head' whereas Joanna is a master therapist who understands that deep transformative processes of the inner psyche, which manifest through the body's own creative power. She coaxes me toward my aliveness and authentic self."  -- J.D.

Creative Arts in Therapy



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