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3:10 Minutes to Dissolve

Did you ever feel as though you had a crust around your heart? That you just needed to melt into...something...but you just didn't know what? You only knew that you were distant from yourself in some way, and not vivid. Can you recognize this in others' eyes? The weariness, distance, and the sense of "just holding it together?"

And...have you felt the relief of coming home to yourself? Melting into the feeling, accepting what comes up, softening into what is deeply true for yourself in the moment? Thawing. Do you recognize what I am talking about?

How do you melt into yourself? Are you open to trying something new?

Jamie Catto and Alex Forster have created a stunning album called, "Internal, Music for Dissolving" that is my new favorite. I play it to "come back to myself" in the way that is most reliable for me: inner directed movement. Here's some guidance for a Moving Meditation to one of their pieces that you may want to try if you are so inclined.

Dissolving Movement Meditation:

  • Press Play above (or choose music you love).

  • Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Stand with your right hand touching your heart and place your left hand over your right pulse. Notice the movement of your breath overlaying this loyal pulse rhythm.

  • Send yourself compassion and the intention to honor whatever arises.

  • Now listen to any impulse to move (or be still) that you can sense...and follow that impulse. Let your body move through space to the music just as it wants to. You may let your hands go, or they may want to stay at your heart.

  • Let yourself be moved. No need to direct, compare, or judge your experience. It is what it is.

  • Invite your attention to go deeper. Allow whatever is cold and hard inside to melt. Invite it. Fully feel what arises knowing that whatever it is, it will pass. It will change. Pleasant or unpleasant, it always shifts.

When you are done, you might want to sit with yourself in silence and notice your energy. Ask yourself what you need in that moment. More movement, to write, draw, have a cup of tea, move on to your day? Feel free to play the song again or find another piece of music that matches your mood as it has shifted. You might even find that this is a practice you want to sustain. I hope so.

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