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An Amazing Year Unfolding!

New Year's at the studio was such a lovely day! Two full to capacity groups of beautiful people took time to reflect on the lessons, gifts, and challenges of the past year. They then intentionally set a positive course for the coming year.

Rather than focusing on traditional "resolutions" we invited in a "Theme for the Year." I loved the themes that came to people: connection, peace, presence, reconciliation, happiness, trust, growth, etc...All were worthy and life enhancing qualities big enough to hang a year on! You can do this at home too. How? It is so simple:

1. Just find a quiet spot and take a moment to settle into yourself. Nowhere to go, nothing to do...just listen to your breath for 4 breaths or more, feeling the rise and fall of your belly and continuing this focus until you feel settled into your body. Invite your jaw to soften and relax, your shoulders to drop, and your hips to surrender into gravity.

2. Drop your awareness into your heart and ask inside: what is the word or phrase that will be my compass in the coming year? Easy peasy, just ask and await the response. Trust the first one that comes to you!

Once you've discovered your word or phrase, your personal Theme for the Year, find ways to keep your focus on it daily...walk, talk, and feel your theme in your body as you move through your day. Here are some ideas:

* Write down your intention to focus on your theme in a particular way in your journal in the morning, and spend some time imagining how your day could unfold if you lived into it. Knowing what is coming up for your day, how might you bring "connection" or "happiness" (for example) to various life situations?

* Create an artsy talisman with your theme or phrase on it and put it in a prominent place in your home or office. That way you can see, remember, and embrace it everyday. I made a little folded piece with images and words that remind and inspire me. My theme? Peace. As time passes, I will add to my little origami. Journals, SoulCollage(R) cards, claywork, messages on your mirror with post it notes work just as well--follow your intution.

* At the end of your day reflect on how much you focused on, and took action on your theme. Ask yourself what takes away my from that quality? What activities, relationships, or habits would support it? Recommit to your intention before you fall asleep and carry it into your dreams.

*Take time to feel how this word/phrase/theme affects you at all levels, and let it inspire you to keep going.

* Celebrate your progress!

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