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Bill of Rights for Players and Creators

1. You have the right to play–participate, recreate, fool around, dabble, doodle, explore, perform, have fun, show off.

2. You have the right to create– imagine, ruminate, muse, dream, conjure, tinker, invent, pretend, reflect.

3. You have the right to take risks.

4. Playing and creating take time. You shall feel no guilt or shame for taking time for this important work.

5. The elite shall not exclude you. Art is active, participatory, inclusive. You have the right to join in.

6. Tortoises, late bloomers, and ugly ducklings take heart. The best learning is often slow: begin any time and take as much time as you need.

7. You have the right to play around, to explore playgrounds near and far, and to share your toys with many different playmates.

8. Your freedom to show outrage and to make noise shall not be infringed. You have something to say. Be loud and be heard. Be bold and be seen.

9. You have the right to make all manner of mistakes.

10. You may play with toys of others. Mix up media, blend and bend genres, transplant ideas, and cross-pollinate inspiration.

11. You have the right to play with yourself, to spend time alone, to explore your own gifts. No one can play with you like you can.

12. You have the right to assemble peacefully with other players and creators and to thrive within the support of a nurturing and challenging communities.

--Adapted from an Unknown Source... thank for the inspiration wherever you are!

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