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Recently there have been some interesting studies correlating the qualities of mindfulness and "presence" with happiness. They've shown that when your mind habitually wanders away from what is happening in the moment, it creates neural pathways that lead to unhappiness. This is true even if your mind is meandering around pleasurable tracks.

With mindfulness practice, what is being developed is the observing self that knows what's going on in the sensing self. And attuning to and observing what is happening when it's happening in a non-reactive way is incredibly healthy for us. And it takes practice. It takes practice 1) to be in this state, and 2) to practice it enough that it becomes a trait!

Check out Dan Siegel's guided imagery called "The Wheel of Awareness." I guarantee that if you sit with this once a day, your capacity for mindfulness and receiving of all the gifts it brings will build quickly.

Who wants to dream their lives away anyway?

Wake up! This is your body, your breath, your life! Be here now!

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