Creating and Re-Creating

"We have to recognize that the world is not something sculptured and finished, which we perceivers walk through like patrons in a museum: the world is something we make through the act of perception." -Terrence McKenna

Collage work is such a profound and awakening practice. As I have spent more time with SoulCollage(R) I am understanding more and more about perceptual choice, about connecting inner and outer worlds, about how it is to put together pieces to create a whole. It is a great pleasure to create order and meaning out of chaos, and it happens on all levels with this practice.

And so it starts, with us sifting through magazine photos for images to collage. A photographer chose to notice and capture that one moment in time in that photo...Out of all other possibilities , that was the one tiny piece of the world at that very split second that the photographer chose to see and acknowledge.

Now you come across this particular image, out of all of the flotsam and jetsam you've been sifting though. Something in your soul body stirs. You feel an activation in your eyes, your heart, your breath. Mystery!

Once again this captured moment is chosen, this time it's you who chooses it to express a part of yourself.

You are now subtly connected to the person who chose what to see and photograph, and to the beings and places that were photographed. They no longer exist in the same way they did in that split second, yet they are brought into the world in a new way, through you. It feels like you and they are held together by a thread of love and attraction.

You begin to feel how everything is created and re-created in every moment. You notice, choose and invest your attention, creative energy, and will into what you have chosen. Something new and previously unknown to you is born, parts of yourself are returned. You are bigger and more whole.

It's not just about cutting and pasting. Not at all.

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